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Polyonics, Inc.

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Polyonics, Inc.
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Single & Double Coated Tapes

Engineered tapes

Polyonics' engineered tapes are designed to solve extreme ESD, high temperature insulation and halogen-free flame retardant problems for specialty die-cut converters and automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical OEMs.

Unique constructions – we understand, in many cases, unique constructions are required to best satisfy each of our client’s needs. These typically include…

  • Thickness and/or color of material – we offer 13, 25, 50 and 125 µm amber polyimide, 13, 25 and 50 black polyimide, 25 µm clear and 50 µm white PET and 50 µm aluminum.
  • Type and/or thickness of PSA – we offer 25 to 50µm silicones, 15-50µm acrylics plus a variety of thicknesses of flame retardant acrylics. On double coated tapes the PSA can be different on each side of the film. We also offer coated films without PSA.
  • Type and/or color of functional coatings – we offer printable white, clear and color top coats, custom L-a-b, gloss and matte colors and antistatic and static dissipative coatings.
  • Small volume rolls – Through, Polyonics offers a select group of single and double tapes in 9” x 108’ (230mm x 33M) rolls for low volume and prototyping applications. also offers slitting and converting services.

Standard and custom – In addition to those standard tapes listed on our web site we also have a wide variety of single and double coated custom tape constructions plus can create and sample additional custom constructions quite quickly.

Sampling – we do a tremendous amount of laboratory testing of our tapes, but can’t begin to test all of them in all of the possible applications they may be exposed to. We believe the best way to make sure our tapes work in our clients’ applications is by sampling. This typically involves sending sheet samples (at no cost to the client) that they can test in the exact environment the tape is intended for.  In this way both of us are satisfied that the tape is the right solution for the application.

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To learn more about these unique engineered tapes, call our technical experts at (603)352-1415 or request information

Antistatic Tapes

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Polyonics Antistatic HardCoat™ tapes are designed to dissipate static charges from a wide variety of surfaces in a safe manner so that the charges don’t build up, thus protecting part, component and operator.

Fire Retardant

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Polyonics halogen-free flame retardant tapes are designed to interrupt, inhibit and suppress the combustion process and prevent fire in electrical and electronic devices. They comply with UL 94 VTM0 and FAR 25.853 flammability standards and pass the BSS 7238 and 7239 smoke and toxicity standards.

High Temp.

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Polyonics single & double coated, linered tapes are offered in polyimide, polyester and aluminum. Each material comes in a variety of configurations to provide the necessary level of thermal protection for a wide variety of applications.

  • Thermal mask during PCB wave solder process.
  • Static dissipation in PCB, electric motors and flex circuits.
  • Prevention of flame propagation
  • Electric insulation between flex circuits.
  • Low profile electrical and thermal insulation between electric components.
  • Electromagnetic and RF absorption and isolation
  • Vapor barrier and heat dissipation.
  • Permanent or temporary component mounting
  • Performance layers in complex composites

RoHS compliant

Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc.

To learn more about these unique engineered tapes, call our technical experts at (603)352-1415 or request information

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  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Dimensionally stable at ultra-high temperatures
  • Chemically resistant
  • Hot, cold, solvent and voltage resistant

  • Custom die-cut converters
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Medical Devices

Polyonics Adds Online, Small Volume Tape Sales Channel for Adhesive Tape

Polyonics has teamed-up with to provide its customers with an alternate channel to purchase small volumes of polyimide and polyester (PET) masking and bonding adhesive tapes.

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