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High Temperature PCB Labels

High Temperature, Chemical Resistant Polyimide Label Materials for Harsh Environment Applications

Meeting the Challenges for Lead Free PC Board & Component Identification
Laser Markable Labels Available

Over the last several years, change has come to the electronics manufacturing industry with the inception of “The lead free initiative”. This initiative was put in place to remove lead and other hazardous substances from the electronic and electrical manufacturing processes to comply with REACH & RoHS regulations.  These changes presented many challenges for the label construction, including:

  • Higher temperature requirements
  • Improved adhesive capability
  • Maintaining the color and integrity of the label material

Polyonics moved quickly to support these regulations and launched a new product series of durable label materials designed to reach the elevated temperatures that would be found in the PCB manufacturing with the removal of lead from the process.

Since the lead free process was initiated Polyonics product line, based on its Thermogard technology, has proven to meet & exceed the harsh requirements found in lead free reflow & wave solder environments for PCB and component processing. 
For most of the 2 mil high temperature polyimide products there is a cost effective 1 mil alternative that maintains the same durability standards at a lower price.

All materials are thermal transfer printable and exhibit the highest PCS and first read rates. Polyonics label material has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and have proven to be successful in the hostile environments in the PCB manufacturing process.

Our 1 & 2 mil materials use a permanent acrylic adhesive and are available in a wide variety of colors & finishes. Silicone adhesive is available for applications were extreme heat exposure is a factor.

To view a complete listing of our high temperature circuit board labels, check out our Polyimide product line.

Application Suggestions

  • Printed circuit board identification
  • Component tracking
  • Warranty labels
  • Clean room, low outgassing applications
  • Asset tracking
  • Warning labels
  • Product identification

To learn more about these unique performance labels, call our technical experts at (603)352-1415 or request information.


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  • Extreme thermal characteristics
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Thermal transfer, dot matrix & flexo printable
  • Acrylic or silicone adhesive options
  • Multiple colors, thickness & finish options
  • Multiple liner availability
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Halogen free, REACH & RoHS compliant

  • Polyimides are rated up to 538°C
  • Resists harsh chemicals
  • Multiple printing technologies
  • Silicone used for extreme thermal exposure
  • Wide range of materials to fit your applications
  • Paper or polyester liner
  • Supports lean manufacturing
  • Environmentally safe materials
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