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High Temperature Aluminum
Labels & Tags

Label Materials for Applications with Extreme Temperature Requirements

aluminum rolls

These aluminum and polyimide materials provide superior high temperature label solutions, designed to withstand extreme manufacturing conditions of the steel and aluminum industry.

Polyonics' XF-803, XF-807 aluminum label materials have a high opacity, white topcoat specifically designed for thermal transfer printing and for alphanumeric identification of extremely hot materials.

The XF-803 has a silicone based adhesive and is used in the extreme applications where the temperatures can reach 600°C. The XF-807 is based on the XF-803 top coat chemistry and has a high temperature, agressive acrylic adhesive (-40°C to 350°C).

steel roll

Application Suggestions

  • Inventory Control
  • WIP Identification
  • Name & rating plates
  • Ingots
  • Steam piping
  • Asset Tracking
  • Any place a label needs to survive 350°F(176°C) or hotter for more than 10 minutes.

The XT-660 was developed as a 9 mil aluminum tag material to be hole-punched and attached by loop or hook to identify materials that are exposed to extreme temperatures. This material is lower temperature material which operates in the 100-200°C.

This tag material is finding its way into applications such as heat treating of springs, asset tracking, and identification of coils and tubing related products. It represents an ideal solution for real-time identification of a batch or an individual product prior to the heat treating process.

Application Suggestions
Work in process tracking of hot metals

  • Identification of coils
  • Warehouse & storage equipment
  • Product ID, asset tracking
  • Identification of sheets, slabs & rebar

Ribbons- Not all ribbons are created equal! Each has a specific formulation that allows for unique performance properties when matched with different substrates. The XF-803, XF-807 & XT-660 are subjected to such high heat and tough environmental conditions that ribbon qualification is extremely important.

To learn more about these unique performance labels, call our technical experts at (603)352-1415 or request information.

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  • Extreme thermal characteristics
  • Thermal transfer printable
  • Acrylic or silicone adhesive
  • Multiple liner availability
  • Low minimum order quantity & lead time
  • Halogen free, REACH & RoHS compliant

  • Short term exposure "up to" 600°C
  • Supports on-demand printing
  • Silicone used for extreme thermal exposure
  • Paper or polyester liner to fit your application
  • Supports lean manufacturing
  • Environmentally safe materials
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