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Polyonics, Inc.

28 Industrial Park Drive
Westmoreland N.H. 03467
Ph: +1.603.352.1415
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Polyonics, Inc.
Asia Technical Center
Fuwei Mansion Rm 411
Hongtu Road 88
Nancheng District
Dongguan, Guangdong, China 523078
Phone: 86.755.8825.0441
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Performance Label Materials

Polyonics supports the major converters across the globe that specialize in engineered solutions for the electronics, electrical, aerospace and automotive industries. Polyonics’ materials meet the unique specifications of a wide variety of MIL-STD's, ASTM standards, and have UL & CUL recognition including UL 94VTM-0 rating for flammability.

Labels by Application...

PCB Labels, Chemical Resistant Kapton & Polyimide for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) applications. Polyonics' THERMOGARD™ product line is designed to exceed the harsh environment requirements that are seen in applications used in electronics, electrical, automotive and aerospace.

Laser Markable Labels, Black and White Polyimide Materials are easily ablated by a wide variety of lasers to provide longer term durability and increased contrast and readability over traditional thermal transfer printed labels for high temperature and harsh environment applications.

High Temperature Polyimide Tags High Temperature Tags. This tag withstands high temperatures encountered in many processes and also exhibit tear resistance making this an ideal choice for steel or any other hot material requiring a hang tag (up to 600°C short term/ 350°C long term).

ESD Labels- Antistatic Label Materials for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Component Labeling. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) damage affects production yield, product reliability and profitability in the electronics market.

Flame Retardant - Polyimide Labels, XF-603 Flame Retardant, Halogen Free Label Material. Polyonics recognizes that label and tape materials can make a great source of fuel for propagating fire.

Wire and Cable Marking - Nylon Label and Nomex Tags for Wire, Wire Bundle & Cable Marking applications. Polyonics' WIREGARD™ nylon labels and Nomex® tags are compliant with the specifications set forth by REACH, RoHS, PFOS, WEEE and are Halogen free.

Hot Metals Processing -High Temperature Aluminum Labels & Polyimide Tags: This product line provides superior high temperature label & tag solutions designed to withstand extreme track and trace applications in the steel and aluminum industry

Overlaminates - High Temperature Protection for Printed Images Against Harsh Environments. Polyonics has designed overlaminating films to have superior resistance to high heat, organic solvents and chemicals.

Medical Laboratory Labels for cryogenic applications. Nylon label materials for use in Liquid Nitrogen or Freezer Storage Conditions. These products also provide excellent chemical durability when exposed to harsh chemicals such as: Sulfuric acid solution, Sodium hydroxide solution and Mineral Spirits to name a few.

Ultra-Thin Polyimides - Due the lack of available space, labels have become smaller and use very high density 2D bar codes to meet needs. However, the thickness of these labels can be an issue, especially if placed on components or parts within the body of the device.

RoHS compliant

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  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Dimensionally stable at ultra-high temperatures
  • Chemically resistant
  • Hot, cold, solvent and voltage resistant

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices

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Polyonics at a Glance

Polyonics is a renowned manufacturer of high performance, custom film, tape and label materials used by specialty die-cut converters worldwide. Founded in 1995, and ISO 9001:2008 registered, Polyonics strategically designs single and double coated polyimide, polyester and aluminum films for the extreme temperatures and harsh environments found in the electronics, automobile, aerospace and medical industries.

Polyonics is an ESOP company and operates with the highest level of business integrity and ethical standards. It is regarded as a good employer, community citizen and committed to education, training and staff development. All of its products are continuously evaluated to make sure they meet the strictest international environmental regulations, are earth friendly, sustainable and possess the smallest carbon footprint possible.