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Wire and Cable Marking Materials

Flame Retardant Polyimide, Nylon & Nomex Tags for Wire & Cable Marking Applications

Flame Retardant Polyimide

Polyonics has added two flame retardant wire markers based on polyimide film to its wire and cable marking product line. The XF-641 (white) and XF-647 (yellow) are thermal transfer printable materials equipped with an ultra-aggressive acrylic adhesive which allows these markers be utilized as a flag identifier (PSA to PSA) or uniformly wrap around a wire or cable for identification and tracking.

The polyimide label markers meet and exceed the specification requirements for the FAR 25.853 & 25.855 as well as the BSS standards for Smoke & Toxicity BSS 7238 & 7239.

These wire markers are used across many industries from commuter railways to avionics. To understand why flame retardant polyimide construction is essential to manufacturers in the Aerospace industry, click here.


Nylon cable markers

The XF-300, XF-301 & XF-302 are 5 mil, coated nylon cloth label materials. These materials have a permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and a high opacity, matte white colored top coat specifically designed for thermal transfer, dot matrix or write-on (e.g. ballpoint pen) printing. These materials are very flexible and conformable and work very well on irregular surfaces. This makes Polyonics’ nylon labels the ideal choice for wire marking or other round surfaces such as cables and tubing. They are not recommended for outdoor use. These nylon materials have a temperature rating of -40° to 293°F (-40°-145°C).

The XF-301 is UL & CUL approved and comes with a 1 mil adhesive, while the XF-300 has a 2mil adhesive and does not have any UL recognition. The XF-302 offers a cost advantage over the other two nylon markers.


Nomex® flame retardant tag materials are the ideal solution for identifying wire or cable bundles in electrical and aerospace applications. The XF-650 (White) and XF-651 (Yellow) are extremely durable 12 mil tag materials designed to be dot matrix, impact or thermal transfer printable. These self-extinguishing materials exhibit excellent tear and solvent resistance used for wire bundle and cable identification tag use in harsh environments. The temperature range for these materials is from -40° to 267°F (-40°-130°C).

Polyonics' wire marking materials are compliant with the specifications set forth by REACH, RoHS, and are Halogen free.



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