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Polyonics, Inc.

28 Industrial Park Drive
Westmoreland N.H. 03467
Ph: +1.603.352.1415
Fax: +1.603.352.1936

Toll Free: (888) 765-9669

Polyonics Pte Ltd

Richfield Industrial Centre
120 Eunos Avenue 7, #01-01
Singapore, 409574
Ph: 65-6542-5484
Fax: 65-6542-5185

Polyonics, Inc.

Unit 1004A Xin Cheng Mansion
No. 167 Jiangning Road
Shanghai, China 200041
Phone 86-21-6258-0571
Fax: 86-21-6258-0579

Polyonics, Inc.
Asia Technical Center
Fuwei Mansion Rm 411
Hongtu Road 88
Nancheng District
Dongguan, Guangdong, China 523078
Phone: 86.755.8825.0441
Fax: 86.755.8825.2429

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Polyonics at a Glance

Polyonics is a renowned manufacturer of high performance, custom film, tape and label materials used by specialty die-cut converters worldwide. Founded in 1995, and ISO 9001:2008 registered, Polyonics strategically designs single and double coated polyimide, polyester and aluminum films for the extreme temperatures and harsh environments found in the electronics, automobile, aerospace and medical industries.

Polyonics is an ESOP company and operates with the highest level of business integrity and ethical standards. It is regarded as a good employer, community citizen and committed to education, training and staff development. All of its products are continuously evaluated to make sure they meet the strictest international environmental regulations, are earth friendly, sustainable and possess the smallest carbon footprint possible.