Introducing ESD Plus labels for the ultimate protection for your ESD sensitive components

Polyonics ESD Plus label materials are designed for top and bottom side PCB applications. They remain dimensionally stable when exposed to high temperatures and harsh chemicals, solders, fluxes, cleaner, etc. used in both lead-free and standard PCB manufacturing processes.


  • ESD-safe identification, masking, packaging and tracking of static-sensitive PCBs, electronic devices, flexible substrates, printed electronics, components, circuits, assemblies, surfaces, fixtures, etc
  • Asset tracking
  • ESD packaging
  • Warranty labeling

Polyonics developed ESD Plus polyimide labels to eliminate at- or post-assembly product loss associated with ESD events and the additional costs due to label failure and rework. Our ESD-safe labels are chemically engineered with a highly-durable top surface and the dual protection of a low-charging label peel and a static dissipative face.

The patent-pending technology of our thermal transfer printable labels is ANSI S20.20 compliant, withstands highly active fluxes and chemicals, meets critical ANSI/ESDA standards and delivers the ultimate in ESD protection from label peel through the entire product life.

Features and Benefits:

  • Static dissipative top surfaces offer surface resistances of <104 and <109 Ohms
  • Low charging PSA and liners generate less than 50 volts with removal and repositioning
  • High and low temperature dimensional stability
  • Durable top coat resistant to abrasion and chemicals, including highly-corrosive, highly-active fluxes
  • Compliant with ANSI/ESD S20.20, ESD S541 and IEC 61340; JEDC JESD 625B, REACH and RoHS, UL969 recognized and halogen-free



ProductFace MaterialPSA ThicknessSurface ReistanceLow Charging PSA & LinerStatic Decay Label SurfaceTemperature RangeRecommended Ribbons
XF-73725 µm (1 mil) Polyimide Matte White25 µm (1 mil) Acrylic >104 and <109<50 v<2.0 secLong:
100 hrs @ 302°F (150°C)

5 min @ 500°F (260°C)

90 sec @ 572°F (300°C)
DNP R510HF, Ricoh B110CR or C, Armor AXr7+
XF-73850 µm (2 mil) 1 Polimide Matte White38 µm (1.5 mil) Acrylic

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