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Polyonics Tapes Protect Components From Harsh Environments

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Westmoreland, NH Polyonics has introduced a family of temperature and chemical resistant tapes that remain dimensionally stable in extreme manufacturing environments including ultra-high temperatures up to 500°C. The tapes are specifically engineered using Polyonics ThermoGard technology to isolate sensitive, precise and expensive components and products from extreme temperatures and harsh environments. The polyimide, polyester and aluminum tapes are available in different thicknesses with a variety of acrylic and silicone adhesives to meet a wide range of complex applications. The tapes also include liners that match most die cut processes.

Polyonics understands the chemistry behind the thermal degradation of polymeric materials. Most importantly, Polyonics understands how to engineer composite materials so they remain dimensionally stable and continue to provide superior performance at ultra-high temperatures. These new high temperature tapes offer manufacturers robust protective solutions where traditional tapes fail.

View our high temperature tape brochure that outlines the performance and technology behind the tapes and their many practical applications.

Our product offering includes:

Polyimide Tapes provide thermal protection up to 500°C. The tapes combine superior electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties found in polyimide with proven acrylic and silicone adhesive technologies.

Polyester Tapes offer effective, lower cost protection for applications involving temperatures of up to 150°C and less harsh environments. The excellent electrical and mechanical properties of polyester combined with Polyonics composite technologies provide effective thermal and electrical insulation.

Aluminum Tapes yield unique chemical and physical properties including heat dissipation, electromagnetic and RF absorption and provide vapor barriers. They also offer the best long term dimensional stability of all the tapes.

In addition to protection from harsh environments, several tapes also include static dissipative (ESD) and flame retardant capabilities.

ESD tapes provide a surface resistance in the dissipative range of 10^5 to 10^9 ohms that safely dissipates any electrostatic charges before they build up and cause damage to components and products.

Flame retardant tapes help retard the burn cycle and stop the propagation of flames.

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