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Proven Static Dissipative Tools to Eliminate ESD Problems

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Westmoreland, NH We recently launched our ESD HardCoat™ tapes and films at the 33rd Annual EOS/ESD Symposium where some of the best minds in the ESD world gathered to address the growing problems associated with electrostatic discharge in electronics design and manufacturing.

Polyonics ESD HardCoat™ tapes and films incorporate proven coating technology that provides a high level of abrasion and chemical resistance along with ESD protection. The unique coating, when applied to polyimide and polyester tapes and films, allows electrostatic charges to safely dissipate before they can build up and damage components and products. This durable dissipative coating has a surface resistance of 105 to 109 ohms; ideal for eliminating charges associated with both the human body (HBM) and charged device (CDM) models.

ESD problems are complicated and, with few proven solutions available, engineers and manufacturers are frustrated. Polyonics has the right static dissipative materials to help and we would welcome the opportunity to better understand and help you solve your ESD problems.

Here's all you need to do:

Tell us about your application and we'll...

  • Review the specifics
  • Select the best static dissipative tape or film
  • Send you ESD HardCoat samples to evaluate in your environment
  • Work with your team until we have the right ESD tape or film solution

The process is simple and we will work with you to solve your ESD problems once-and-for-all.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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