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Polyonics Flame Retardant Tapes Help Aerospace Industry Prevent Propagation of Fire

Engineered tapes
Polyonics flame retardant tapes offer superior dimensional stability and help to effectively prevent the propagation of fire.

Westmoreland, NH Polyonics has recently introduced a family of flame retardant engineered tapes that have been tested for compliance to the UL94 VTM0, FAR 25.853 flame retardant and BSS 7238/7239 smoke and toxicity standards.These tapes have proven to be effectively in helping aerospace customers prevent fires in avionics.

The risk of fire from electronics, electrical and electromechanical devices (batteries, power supplies, motors, etc.) is real and not going away. This is especially true in avionics where more power is being housed in smaller spaces, duty cycles are ever increasing and the need to protect lives is paramount. Designing with materials that do not propagate fire such as flame retardant tapes effectively addresses this need.

Polyonics flame retardant tapes help prevent the propagation of fire through the unique FlameGard™ technology. The technology includes advanced resins, polymers and adhesives that both increase the dimensional stability of the tapes and create a unique char layer that acts as a heat shield to:

  • Lower temperature
  • Remove oxygen
  • Reduce concentration of flammable gasses
  • Slow rate of thermal oxidation
  • Minimize thermal degradation
  • Prevent propagation of fire

Tapes are also available that offer both flame retardant and ESD HardCoat™ static dissipative performance. The tapes include a wide variety of liners to compliment different die cut processes.

Sampling Proves Performance
Aerospace flame problems are complicated and, with few proven solutions available, engineers and manufacturers are frustrated. Polyonics has the right materials and welcomes the opportunity to better understand and help solve your manufacturing problems.

Here's all you need to do:
Tell us about your application and we'll...

  • Review the specifications
  • Select the best tape or film
  • Send samples for evaluation in your environment
  • Work with your team until you have the right flame retardant tape to solve your application…once-and-for-all

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