High Temperature Harsh Environment Label Materials

Polyimide Tag for Applications with Extreme Temperature Requirements

Polyonics offers both thermal transfer printed and laser markable label materials for high temperature and harsh environment ID and tracking applications. Each label material is designed to resist specific types of temperatures, chemicals and abrasion and together offer label materials that will work in virtually any application in any industry.

Thermal Transfer Printed

The Polyonics' thermal transfer printed (TTP) label materials are the standard in the PCB industry. They are designed to withstand typical 260°C wave solder processes and are used throughout the world by the leading electronics manufacturers in their harshest PCB manufacturing operations. Along with high temperature, abrasion and chemical resistances these labels also offer optional low out gassing, static dissipative, low tribocharging and flame retardant performances.

  • Setting the standard for high temperature, harsh environment applications
  • Polyimide, polyester, aluminum, nylon, PEN
  • ESD, flame retardant, white, black, colors
  • PCB, automotive, aerospace, medical applications
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Laser Markable

Polyonics' laser markable label materials represent the next generation ID and tracking technology for harsh environment applications further extending the performances of the thermal transfer printed materials. By replacing ink, the weak link in printed labels, the laser marked labels provide superior resistances to temperatures, chemicals and abrasion as compared to printed labels. They also offer a safe means of labeling critical components, when direct laser marking is prohibited due to structural integrity concerns, along with rework and/or re-positioning options, not feasible with direct part marking, to help reduce scrap and rework.

  • Next generation label technology for the harshest applications
  • Long term image durability, high resistance to temperature, abrasion, steam and chemicals
  • Effective alternate for direct laser marking
  • PCB, aerospace, automotive, IUID, UDI, medical, etc.
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