Polyimide Tag & Aluminum Label Materials

for Hot Metals Processing

Polyonics offers both aluminum label and polyimide tag materials for high temperature and harsh environment tracking and tracing in hot metal processing factories. This allows hot metal manufacturers the flexibility to either apply the labels directly to or hang the tags from their coils, rolls, bars, sheets, rebar, tubes, wire bundles, etc. directly as they leave their furnaces. The durability of the thermal transfer printed materials allows manufacturers to accurately control their inventories from when the materials leave the furnace through to delivery their customers.

Hot Metal Aluminum Label Materials

The Polyonics thermal transfer printed aluminum label materials are designed to withstand the high temperatures and harsh environments typical of hot metal processing. They include unique, non-yellowing polymer print surfaces along with aggressive, high temp acrylic or ultra-high temperature silicone pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA).

  • 1mil (25 µm)  and 2 mil (50 µm) aluminum labels
  • White matte and gloss thermal transfer print surfaces
  • Acrylic and silicone PSA
  • Continuous operation 300°C and 400°C
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Hot Metal Polyimide Tag Materials

The Polyonics high temperature thermal transfer printed tag materials are excellent alternatives to riveted plates, chalk or crayons to ID and track hot metals in foundries. The Polyonics 5mil polyimide hang tags are available with white or yellow print surfaces and perform effectively for long exposures of up to 400°C and short exposures up to 600°C. The hang tags also provide high tear resistances so will resist unintended removal during storage or delivery to further ensure inventory accountability.

  • Polyimide 5 mil (127 µm) hang tags
  • White or yellow thermal transfer print surfaces
  • One side high gloss, one side matte
  • High temperature resistance up to 600°C
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